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Kaniz Jaffer


Telephone: 0116 2708377

Karen Ensor


Karen Marie Smith


Kate Susan Chambers


Kathryn Holland


Disabled Children's Service

DCS - Personal Assistant

Personal assistants

Kay Cee Care Services Ltd

Home care agency

Support at home

Kelly Thompson


Kestrels' Field Primary School

Schools, Colleges and learning

Keyham Lodge School

A special school for pupils (National Curriculum Years 5 to 11) with social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Schools, Colleges and learning

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999 - only ring in an emergency when there is serious risk of injury, risk of serious damage to property, or a crime in progress.

Otherwise ring the numbers shown below (click on the links for more information):

101 - use for Police non-emergency matters, for example to report a crime and other concerns

111 - use for Health non-emergency and urgent medical advice

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