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Rathbone Training

Employment, volunteering and training

Telephone: 0116 222 5432

Leicester Adult Skills And Learning Service

A community education project for adults in Leicester and Leicestershire who experience severe and enduring mental health problems

Adult Education


Employment, volunteering and training

Telephone: 0300 456 8045


Leicester City Council

Housing and accommodation

Telephone: 0116 454 4500

Reusable Nappies

Support for parents

Telephone: 0116 454 1002

Richmond Fellowship

Support for people with mental health problems

Health and wellbeing

Telephone: 0800 0234 575


Rutland House Counselling and Psychotherapy

Health and wellbeing

Telephone: 0116 416 1626


999 - only ring in an emergency when there is serious risk of injury, risk of serious damage to property, or a crime in progress.

Otherwise ring the numbers shown below (click on the links for more information):

101 - use for Police non-emergency matters, for example to report a crime and other concerns

111 - use for Health non-emergency and urgent medical advice

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