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If we could ask you one question, it would be “What could make a difference in your life?” And we’d start from there. We’re Advance, and for forty years we’ve put people at the heart of everything we do.

We specialise in supporting people with a mental health condition or people with a learning disability to live the life they choose, however varied or complex that life may be. But we don’t focus on labels, we prefer to think about how we can help people to realise their dreams and ambitions.

In Leicester we have been successfully supporting local people at home, at work and in the community for forty years. We believe we make a difference through a combination of our specialist knowledge, our presence in Leicester as a well-established and trusted organisation, and our belief in fully involving our customers, their families and the people who support them. This means any decisions we take, of any size or importance, are taken with you.

Through our Community Opportunities Service, some of the things we can help you with are:

  • Making choices about your future
  • Planning and choosing how you want to be supported
  • Learning new skills
  • Finding friends and building relationships
  • Joining in with different community groups
  • Finding new things to do, like clubs or the gym
  • Staying safe and secure at home, online and in your local area
  • Feeling confident when you are travelling on buses or trains
  • Getting ready for interviews and preparing for life at work
  • Getting the skills you need to earn a living
  • Being confident and coping with challenges
  • Finding and keeping a home to rent, share or own.

We know that everyone is different, which means people want different things. Whatever it is that you want to do, we can help you design your own service by:

  • Understanding and listening to you about what you want and what you need
  • Being flexible and responsive to your needs
  • Having a local ‘hub’ in the City centre where you can go for advice, information, activities and training

One thing we won’t do is give up on people. If you have a goal that would make a difference in your life, we’ll keep going to help you achieve it.

To find out how we can help you to live the life you choose, call us on 0333 012 4307 

Service Details

86-92 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 7DD (directions displayed on map)
Advance Housing and Support Ltd
Service Type:
Day services and respite care
  • Community opportunities

This page was last updated on 08 June 2016

This page was last updated on 08 June 2016

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0333 012 4307