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Domiciliary care services

These services provide personal care for people living in their own homes. The needs of people using the services may vary greatly, but packages of care are designed to meet individual circumstances.

The person is visited at various times of the day or, in some cases, care is provided over a full 24-hour period. Where care is provided intermittently throughout the day, the person may live independently of any continuous support or care between the visits.


Supported living services

These services involve a person living in their own home and receiving care and/or support in order to promote their independence. The care they receive is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, but the accommodation is not. The support that people receive is continuous, but is tailored to their individual needs. It aims to enable the person to be as autonomous and independent as possible, and usually involves social support rather than medical care.

Service Details

Unit 9, Warren Park Way, Enderby, Leicestershire, LE19 4SA (directions displayed on map)
Lifeways Community Care Limited
Service Type:
Supported Living

CQC Properties

CQC Service Type:
  • Homecare agencies
  • Supported housing
  • Supported living

Service offers

care for people with/facilities for:
  • Adults under 65
  • 65 years+
  • Dementia
  • Learning disability
  • Mental health condition
  • Physical disability
  • Personal care
Number of beds:
Not applicable.

This page was last updated on 01 December 2017

This page was last updated on 01 December 2017

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Contact Details

07805 408704