Academy of Life - Assertiveness, Confidence and Motivation


In this 3 part course you learn to develop qualities and skills which will give you:

  • Assertiveness; standing up for what you believe in, without aggression, stop being bullied and gain respect
  • Confidence; the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared to handle situations, either of which is due to your self-image, transform your relationships, get a zest for life
  • Motivation; move from procrastination to feeling the excitement about everything you need to do, achieve lots more of what you want, eg, get fit

The trainer comes from a firm belief that you already have these resources inside - the 3 qualities which you discover feed each other so you will see a transformation.

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Academy of Life
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Health and wellbeing

This page was last updated on 23 July 2019

This page was last updated on 23 July 2019