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I provide high quality service in a person centred way for a range of vulnerable adults and children, with: learning disabilities, mental health issues and physical and profound disabilities. I work for the NHS primary care trust as a interpreter, which involves visiting clients at their homes or any other establishments including hospitals. I have to deal with doctors and other professionals. I can speak three languages fluently; Hindi, English and I can also read and write Gujarati. I have also gained vast experience of looking after children in my care, as a foster carer, which is a very rewarding experience.


I have also experienced working with people with Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour on a one to one basis. I am totally responsible for the service user's therefore I have to be aware of all of their needs identified in the care plan, which include social, emotional, practical, educational and personal care needs. I have experience of incident, accident and case records'. I encourage service users to take part in the various activities to enhance their independent skills on a one to one basis. I also provide various activities on a one to one basis to service users who I work with on a regular basis such as art and craft, music, disco, outdoor activities and community activities. It is important to be well planned and organised, record information and use my own initiative when I work on any one to one basis I need to be aware of their physical and mental health condition to make sure that procedure has been followed to meet their needs. For example: Seizures procedure for adults with Learning Disabilities. Also needs to be aware of the service user's house code as if they have the key pad due to short term memory loss and confusion.


Voluntary Action Leicester (VAL), supporting children in their day to day activities. Part of my job was to assist staff to support service users in social outings and lunch times. I worked along staff to ensure that risk assessments are carried out on a daily basis for both myself and the service users with the staff. For example, on group outings, we need to ensure that the community facilities are safe for service users to access. Thus, before service users undertake any group activities outside of the residential home we will carry out a risk assessment to ensure there is minimal risk to service users and ourselves. At times I also assisted health and social care professionals, acting as a bridge over both languages and cultural barriers this allows me to utilise my knowledge and understanding of various cultures e.g. Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Hinduism and also my ability to speak and write three languages. This has also strengthened my communication skills, both vocal and listening and also computer literate.


I provide transport to adults with mental health, older people, Special Educational Needs Children (SEN) and Learning Disabilities, from Mild to Severe, as well as people presenting with Challenging Behaviour. In my capacity as a Transport Driver/Assistant, I carry out various tasks on a daily basis, these comprise of providing transport to all different service user's, reading and understanding care plans provided by our manager, to ensure that service users are picked up and dropped off at the right place. I also need to ensure that service users have their aids, such as a wheel chair or a walking frame. I am involved in carrying out a risk assessment and wellbeing. I have to read and understand the risk assessments identified in transport request forms to minimise risk of service users by implementing the risk assessment. I also need to make sure they carry their medication when they arrive to the centre and return home. I am also aware of policies regarding the collection and handling money. I assist and supervise a child on a one to one basis, at lunchtime. This particular child has autism and challenging behaviour.

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Disabled Children's Service
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Personal assistants

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This page was last updated on 27 March 2018

This page was last updated on 27 March 2018

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